Since 1996, our company has been one of the leading companies in aluminum casting industry with its mold and sand molding method. Our product capacity is from 0.1kg up to 1000 kg and it is documented by our production capacity report. Our production capacity is 350 tons / year and our production capacity is 250 tons / year. We are manufacturing various spare parts of automotive, electrical, elevator, defense industry, agriculture industry and machinery industry. In addition, we provide services in mining, lighting, construction, plastics etc. sectors. We currently export to Germany, France, UK and American countries. Our company; design and construction of model molds, original gating and feeder designs, all kinds of spades, aluminum casting, leveling, post casting, grinding, sanding, sealing, pressure test units in desired norms, producing 100% sealing and pressure resistant parts. We also sand blasting with stainless steel granules. We perform heat treatment, chemical analysis, physical analysis (tensile, rupture, elongation), processing and painting in our subcontractors. Please contact us if we can help you. our respect


Our products are commissioned in a short time with integrated processes, mass production is carried out in the fastest way and delivered in a flexible structure as you wish.


In our company, from 10 gr to 350 kg parts can be poured by sand, gravity casting and injection molding methods.


Sand casting is one of the most widely used casting methods. The fact that it is applicable to very different sized parts and the low cost of molding is the main reason. In sand mold casting, it is generally performed in wet sand casting.


Leveling operations are provided by our expert staff who are capable of providing different surface quality and with high skill.


T4, T5, T6 hardness values ​​can be provided by heat treatment processes. Apart from this, we also offer solutions to your needs with our strong suppliers that we have contracted for hardness.


Sandblasting, metal over time due to rust and corrosion due to the oil, dirt, rust and corrosion on the life of the metal removal process by removing the process is applied to extend the process.

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