When Metal casting is called, it comes to our minds that a melted metal is poured into the molds and the part is removed from the mold after it is cooled. This is the technique that the foundry industry implements in general. This can be the most effective way of a Fully metal 3D model

What is Casting? How?

Molten Metal is called casting to a mold cavity with the shape of the part to be obtained, by applying gravity or pressure to the method in which it is filled. Casting is also used for parts produced by the term Figure dump-ingot Breakdown The steps In the Breakdown are relatively simple: 1. Melting of

How To Cast Mold?

The Well-cast design is the design that ensures maximum compliance with existing production methods and provides accurate castings at low cost within current conditions. In the production of Casting parts, all expenses except the cost of the casting part belong to the method used. As a Result, the model produces the cost of molding, moulding,