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Expert Casting; About Production ...

  • Our products are commissioned in a short time with integrated processes, mass production is carried out in the fastest way and delivered in a flexible structure as you wish.
  • With our production management system that supports our tedir one to one ın approach, your small pieces of pieces can be produced with the same flexibility and your needs can be met.
  • Our all-in-one facility meets all your needs at once and the savings, productivity and added value are reflected to our customers.

Leveling Shot Blasting

Expert Casting; About Leveling Shot Blasting ...

  • In our company, after the casting of aluminum castings, rough and fine cleaning is done and after cutting the feeder and feeder, it is made ready for sanding after sanding and fine sanding machines to correct the cut areas and also to remove the burrs.
  • Applies the processes requested by the customers based on customer satisfaction.
  • Our company performs grinding and leveling with Automatic Grinding Robot in products that require precision cleaning.

Kokil Foundry

Expert Foundry; About Foundry

  • Gravity casting is a casting method which is made by pouring molten metal into a mold made of steel or cast iron and is used in casting of low melting temperature alloys.
  • It is ideal for the production of many parts due to the expensive cost of the mold.
  • The prepared mold can be used repeatedly.
  • The product which is formed by gravity casting is better than other pouring method.

Wood Model Manufacturing

Expert Casting; About Wood Model Manufacturing

  • The main modeling is obtained from materials such as wood or foam
  • In order to obtain working modeling from modeling, molding is done and molding is obtained from metal material.
  • The main modeling is placed within the degree of molding placed on a smooth surface.
  • Finely sifted mold sand is sprinkled on the modeling and the mold sand is compressed.

Sand Foundry

Expert Foundry; About Sand Foundry

  • Sand casting is one of the most widely used casting methods.
  • It is preferred because of low mold cost and application in parts of different sizes.
  • Sand casting casting method is divided into two by machine molding and hand molding.
  • During the casting, gravity is used and this method is suitable for single or small-diameter series production of castings.

Tightness Test

Expert Casting; About Sealing Test

  • With our experience of more than 20 years in sealing parts and in our pools of different sizes, water testing from 0.1 to 15 atm can be carried out.
  • Expert casting, production is more than 400 active sealing with Turkey's largest enterprise producing sealing part of the cast.
  • Most of the aluminum cast parts produced in our factory are composed of sealed and pressure resistant parts. For this reason, 2 bar underwater sealing test is applied to all parts of our products.

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The fastest offer, mold production and product commissioning capability,
Flexibility to meet both your boutique and series needs,
An integrated facility capable of producing sand, coke molding at the same time,
All-in-one, all-in-one integrated processes

UZMAN DÖKÜM, We continue to strengthen our facilities and facilities to offer you the best service by blending modern casting methods with the experience accumulated over the years.